Superfici d’Autore

Superfici d’Autore are the FILO collection, developed together with Alessandro & Francesco Mendini, the FRAME collection, developed together with Studio FM Milano, and the Terraviva collection, developed together with Massimiliano Adami.

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Mosaici d’Autore

The mosaic, an element rooted deeply in the most ancient of decoration techniques, has been observed from a new angle, in order to give it a strikingly beautiful designer makeover. Dts has chosen to entrust this project to the artistic expertise and expression of M. Adami.

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Espressioni d’Autore

Espressioni d’Autore are Pareti d’Autore collection, manufactured in porcelain stoneware in 60x120cm, and Tagli d’Autore collection: large-size slabs that recover the values of genuine rhythms.

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A return to the hand-crafted skills of the origins, with their slow, carefully measured pace and a ritual wisdom able to breathe new life into contemporary experimentation. Savouring the subtle swish of the paintbrush, leaving behind the clamour of machinery. A return to ceramic material as a means of creative expression. This is the philosophy behind DesignTaleStudio by Ceramiche Refin: a hotbed of ideas and talent, a research laboratory where ceramics meets art and design with a view to offering the world of project design a whole new conception of porcelain stoneware.