For me, conceiving and designing a surface means an attempt to make inroads into the concept of the infinite, of the threedimensional, starting out from a modular drawing developed without limits in space, inspired by the graphic constructions of the great Escher who has inspired so much of my work. So the concept is to…

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The FOSSIL tile collection revisits the prehistorical imprints left by plants and animals in rock formations, designed as ornamental patterns destined for contemporary interiors. The preliminary designs were particularly inspired by the signs left by the grooved shells of extinct ammonites. The hand-drawn pattern gives it a unique appearance, similar to the imprints of primordial…

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In the FRAME collection, developed together with Studio FM Milano, the graphics are assisted by the most modern ceramic technologies, allowing for maximum artistic expression on powerful decorative surfaces inspired by the allure of traditional materials and objects and the allure of days gone by, giving a contemporary twist to the evolution of ceramic floor…

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In the Terraviva project, the search for new creative solutions using porcelain stoneware focused on exploring the shape and the naturally angular quality of the tile, in an attempt to subvert the regular geometry typical of ceramic material, opening up and highlighting its hidden potential for expression. This project by Massimiliano Adami for DesignTaleStudio is…

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A return to the hand-crafted skills of the origins, with their slow, carefully measured pace and a ritual wisdom able to breathe new life into contemporary experimentation. Savouring the subtle swish of the paintbrush, leaving behind the clamour of machinery. A return to ceramic material as a means of creative expression. This is the philosophy behind DesignTaleStudio by Ceramiche Refin: a hotbed of ideas and talent, a research laboratory where ceramics meets art and design with a view to offering the world of project design a whole new conception of porcelain stoneware.