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The masterpieces of the textiles designer Anni Albers, the fabric patterns of Bauhaus, but also the wooden carvings of the tangram or the magical effects of the kaleidoscope inspire Carpet. In the typical, clear and welldefined lines of digital design and the use of contemporary colours, the great 20th century textiles tradition evolves into a highly innovative product.

Frame Majolica      Frame Geometric      Frame Emilia Flower

Persé Milano

Goody’s Burger House

Cersaie 2012

LD94 60x60 9,5 Natural Yes
LD82 60x60 9,5 Natural Yes

The MODULO option has a single graphic to be repeated during installation to create a decorative composition.

The RANDOM version features a series of different graphics, randomly mixed and boxed, in order to allow for maximum freedom of composition and to create original patchworkeffect textures.


Limitation of guarantee for white lines. Despite the extremely rigorous quality specifications adopted, a limited number of fine white lines may be present on the evenly coloured parts of the tiles, as a result of the particular production process used. Therefore, these lines may not be considered a defect, and will not be accepted as a cause for complaint; specifically, no replacement may be requested in the case of material already installed.

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