Max & Co. Corso Vercelli

Design:  Max Mara Fashion Group

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Some of the most prestigious Italian fashion brands choose the quality and design of Refin ceramics for the concepts of their boutiques in Italy and worldwide.
Among these is the Max Mara Group, whose rigorous, beautiful style for women’s clothing and accessories has brought it growing success over the years, allowing it to become one of the world’s leading fashion houses. Max Mara boutiques are present in the most famous shopping streets in major cities all over the world, which, when added to the Group’s stores in shopping malls bring the total to over 2300 single-brand and more than 10,000 multi-brand stores. Refin ceramics can be found in Marella, Persona and MAX&Co brand stores; MAX&Co has recently presented its new concept, characterised by simple, minimalist furnishings in a range of neutral shades.

For the recently opened MAX&Co store in Corso Vercelli in Milan, the choice for the flooring fell to exclusively created, deliberately unevenly cut staves, while for the columns, the project designers chose the Mosaico d’Autore Beside, created by the designer Massimiliano Adami for DesignTaleStudio: a sophisticated product that offers a superb interpretation of the Italian-crafted style Refin shares with MAX&Co; ceramic and tailoring traditions combine to create unique products that represent the Italian-made quality that is famous worldwide.