Sandra Bermudez

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Sandra Bermudez’s work – photographer and multi-media artist from Colombia – delves into gender and sexual issues.
In particular, using self-portraits and close-ups, she explores the theme of female body and its private (“I look at me”) and public (“The others, especially men, look at me”) spheres. She has exhibited her works internationally, especially in America.

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Sandra Bermudez at Design On Stage

The final event of Design On Stage was scheduled for Sunday 22, when we played host to Sandra Bermudez, the conceptual and feminist artist of Columbian descent, who has always had a close association with the world of fashion in Italy.

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Sandra Bermudez’s ceramic for DesignTaleStudio at the Otto Gallery in Bologna

We would like to close the series of videos taken during The Grand Design Tour event with the presentation, by Laura Villani, of Sandra Bermudez slab, displayed at the Otto Gallery in Bologna.

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