Giulio Iacchetti

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Giulio Iacchetti has been operating in the area of industrial design since 1992, and has worked with the best-known design brands.

He has curated exhibitions motivated by reflections on a number of project themes, such as the cross that inspired the “Cruciale” exhibition held in Milano, Rome and Enna, and food design, derived from which was “K-Ration, il pasto del soldato in azione”, produced by the Triennale di Milano in January 2015.

He has won a number of awards, including two editions of the “Compasso d’Oro”: in 2001, with the biodegradable, multi-functional “Moscardino” cutlery device, now part of the permanent design exhibition in the MOMA in New York; and in 2014, with the “Sfera” series of manhole covers designed for Montini; in 2009 he won the “Premio dei Premi“ award, presented to him by the President of the Italian Republic for the innovative project “Design alla Coop”, aimed at taking design into the world of mass retail. In May 2009, the Triennale di Milano hosted a personal exhibition of his entitled “Giulio Iacchetti. Oggetti disobbedienti