Trascreativity Preview: the ceramic by Krizia

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On Sunday April 20, Trascreativity at the Triennale in Milan will see the presence of Krizia (Mariuccia Mandelli), one of the most famous names of Italian fashion. After Elio Fiorucci ( a guest at the 2007 edition and returning this year on the opening day on Wednesday) and Vivienne Westwood, another famous fashion designer who created a ceramic slab for DesignTaleStudio. Below are details of her original drawing: believe us, the transgressive effect is assured!

Trascreativity Preview: the ceramic by Krizia for DesignTaleStudio

To see the ceramic slab and to meet Krizia on April 20, you can request your free invitation.

At the end of her first ever catwalk show, staged at the Palazzo Pitti, Mariuccia Mandelli, Krizia (a name borrowed from Plato’s dialogue on feminine vanity) distinguished herself by winning the Fashion Critic’s Award. Her fashion is based on research, creativity, project and design, founded on a neat geometry but also rich in references and precious details. Every single fashion collection by Krizia has an animal as a lucky charm, with an increasing aggressiveness and a sort of jungle which has now become a ritual: Krizia’s zoo. Her fashion is also influenced by modern and contemporary art, a constant search for new materials as well as her famous plissé. Krizia, whose endorsements range from perfume to wine, has flagship stores all over the world as well as many franchise boutiques. In Japan alone there are 202 Krizia boutiques and 600 points of sale. Bestowed the honour “Commendatore della Repubblica Italiana”, she has been awarded with international prizes and dedicated exhibitions in the most renowned museums in the world, such as the Musée des Arts et de la Mode, Paris; the Guggenheim Museum, New York; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo. Mariuccia Mandelli supported the rebuilding of the La Fenice theatre in Venice and the Tourné del Piccolo Teatro in the USA for the Olympics in Los Angeles, since 1985 Spazio Krizia has hosted a series of cultural events with writers, artists, designers, musicians such as Doris Lessing and Ingo Maurer in attendance.

Recently Krizia have introduced the new autumn-winter 2008-09 collection, caracterized by wiggly shapes sinuose and big volums. They have spoken among others Blogosfere Style & Fashion and LuxGallery.

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