Trascreativity Preview: meeting with Mario Bellini

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The architect and designer Mario Bellini has always been a creative mind playing with provocation. Let’s think about his “Kar-a-sutra” ,a car concept he designed for the MOMA in New York in 1974 which has recently been rebuilt for an exhibition on the 70s at the Triennale in Milan, for which he has organized the setting. Bellini will be our guest in a no-holds-barred meeting with the journalist Roberto D’Agostino in the afternoon of Saturday, April 19, inside DesignTaleStudio’s Trascreativity set, opposite the Triennale.

To meet Mario Bellini on April 19 at the Triennale, you can request your free invitation.

Milan-born Mario Bellini is one of the most renowned designers in the world. His work ranges from urban and architectural drawings to furniture and industrial design. His career as a designer started in 1963, as an industrial design consultant for Olivetti, for which he designed typewriters, calculators, computers and video appliances with special care given to the user’s needs, even if Bellini believes that ergonomics is just a starting point as man is more complex than a mere series of measurements. Amongst his products, the Divisumma 18 calculator in particular, will be remembered for its tactile feel and the plastic coloured carter covered in a rubber membrane. Another revolutionary product was the Yamaha ’73 cassette-recorder with its typical wedge-shaped design. During his career, he has collaborated with many Italian and international companies such as Artemide, B&B Italia, Cassina, Yamaha, Renault, Rosenthal, Vitra. Moreover, Bellini has been a consultant for Renault and Editor in Chief of Domus magazine. He was awarded the Compasso d’Oro as well as many other international awards and some of his work is permanently on show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Since the 80’s, he has predominantly worked as an architect in Europe, Japan, the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

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