Satyendra Pakhalé at Design On Stage

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On Saturday 21 Design On Stage at the Triennale should have seen the presence of Peter Halley who unfortunately had to call short his trip to Italy due to a sudden engagement. Satyendra Pakhalé, designer for, amongst others, Philips, Alessi, Cappellini and Moroso, accepted to stand in for Halley and spend the afternoon with us.

During his intervention, Pakhalé, who loves to call himself a “cultural nomad” touched upon various aspects associated with the cross-cultural relationship. According to the designer, it is pointless today to talk about a “western” culture rather than an “eastern” culture, but about a “human culture”, a mix of atmospheres and influences recalling many different places in the world, even faraway one from the other. Ceramic, a material as ancient as the world itself and at the same time technologically advanced, is the perfect symbol of his concept of a future that must be linked to tradition; and, in this sense, he is excited by today’s opportunities for architects to re-invent the “tile”.

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