Sarah Marinaro

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Sarah Marinaro and Michela Schirinzi founded microSTUDIO in 2010.

The firm operates internationally and in many fields: architectural design, interiors design, green design. They were selected for the under 30 competition “microgiardini urbani (urban microgardens)”, a project developed in 2011 and exhibited during the Salone del Mobile at the Frigoriferi Milanesi. In 2012, with the project Villa Salina, they were selected for the exhibition “Segni e sogni (Signs and dreams)” and the project was exposed in Lodi and Milan at the Spazio FMG per l’Architettura.

The ethereal and functional restructuring of an apartment for a young couple, the revamping of a charming attic for a career driven single, and the conversion of a former supermarket in the Headquarters for the Confartigianato, are but a few of the projects undertaken by the firm.

Sarah Marinaro’s project: Tiebelé

Example of laying simulation.


“A tribute to the women of Tiebele that every year, after the rainy season, paint their homes with bright geometric frescos. But that’s not all; it wants to evoke the intrinsic appeal of manual and artisan labour, thus blending tradition with modernity. The idea of a collection rich and ever changing. Rich in design, meanings and conceivable arrangements. The collection calls for the combination of several patterns: geometric, linear, and symbolic, which develop in several directions. The different combinations create interesting designs evoking classic arrangements from the past, continuous linear patterns, and also bolder and more enjoyable schemes. The stroke is deliberately inaccurate to suggest a freehand drawing and to avoid the perfect alignment of the graphics.”

Sarah Marinaro

Tiebelé: Sarah Marinaro’s project for Create Your Tile competition.

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