Prototypes d’Autore: De Lucchi, Fiorucci, Rashid, Halley & C. projects

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Within the Catalogue section of we have recently opened a brand-new section called Prototypes d’Autore, in which we have grouped all the ceramic slab projects that we developed in collaboration with famous artists and designers. We have called them “prototypes”, as they haven’t been produced yet although they have been available to show only during special events, such as Design On Stage at the Triennale exhibition in Milan in April 2007 or the forthcoming Grand Design Tour taking place in Bologna from October 3 to 6 2007.

Amongst the Prototypes d’Autore you will eventually see the complete series of drawings by Karim Rashid and Peter Halley; Elio Fiorucci’s “lips”; Michele De Lucchi’s totem; the crushed paper by Sandra Bermudez; Lucio Dalla’s fish and Romina Power’s Tao.

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