Michele De Lucchi at Design On Stage

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Yesterday was the turn of architect Michele De Lucchi, who has spent 3 decades as one of the protagonists of the design elite on a world-wide scale. Once again he captivated everyone present with his charisma and personality.

During the discussion, De Lucchi touched upon numerous interesting themes, often with “strong” and provocative statements. He spoke of the designer as a “builder of identity”, a fundamental role in today’s multi-cultural society, and for the need to have an experimental approach to planning even at the risk of harassing the constraints imposed by industry and the market. He confessed his passion for the “craftsmanship” of wood, paid homage to his two “Homeric masters” “Ettore” (Sottsass) and “Achille” (Castiglioni), two figures from a completely opposed intellectual flair for design.

Today, in the space dedicated to Design On Stage at the Triennale of Milano, Karim Rashid will be the guest. The meeting will be at 18.00 (and details will be on the blog tomorrow).

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