Luka Gobin

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At the end of his undergraduate study programme in design, and within the final work, Luka Gobin worked on a project “6 pogleda na sobu” (6 views of the room).
It was a collaboration between the faculty of Architecture – School of design and the cluster “Hrvatski interijeri” (Croatian interiors – Croatian furniture manufacturers and supporting industries).

After getting a degree of bachelor of arts in industrial design, Luka had the opportunity to work for a lighting manufacturer named – Lumi-maks.

He had chance to work with other projectants, designer and architects. He also had some opportunity to design some parts of the projects on his own like the layout of the ceiling of lobby bar in hotel Ivan – Solaris, and the ceiling of the restaurant in hotel Bellevue – Valamar.

Luka Gobin’s project: Less is more

Example of laying simulation.


“Simple and effective design with only one minor intervention on a black line. Instead of making a big graphic, cutted in pieces, pieces are made to let the customer play with them and let the imagination be the limit. My inspiration come from fundamental aspirations; with ‘minor’ intervention get a great result: Less is More. So, it was a way of elaborating a thought, an idea, a way of clear up a vague aim. There are many possibilities for arrangement one chromatic variation of the tiles, and due to the possibility of combining with other chromatic variation (only for the true enthusiasts), even more.”

Luka Gobin

Less is more: Luka Gobin’s project for Create Your Tile competition.

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