Lorenzo Morganti

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Lorenzo Morganti is an architect who graduated with honours. His professional career started in 2000 at Renzo Piano’s building site for the Auditorium in Rome.

His first assignment was the interior restoration of a patio home by Vico Magistretti; he has designed childcare centres and developed the design for a chain of beauty salons in China and Malaysia; he coordinated the new lighting design for the Church of San Luca (Gio Ponti).

He collaborated on architecture and design projects at the Politechnic University of Milan (for Eni and Indesit, among others), becoming co-inventor of a modular hobs system (European and American patent). He has taught at the Domus Academy, the Bocconi University and FIT in New York and works closely with the School of Design at the Politechnic University of Milan, where he is a Professor of Visual Merchandising. He recently designed an exhibition for the Triennale, and, for Altagamma, the architectural and interior design of the new concept store Larte, a bar and restaurant in Via Manzoni in Milan.
He is also the father of two beautiful children.

Lorenzo Morganti’s project: fatto a mano

Example of laying simulation.


“This series offers the thrill of high-tech industrial products that are handcrafted. A single pattern always different and easy to install; a contemporary pop detail for a design that, as a whole, is classic. Common thread: the hand and its stroke. From the first etchings on rocks through the Renaissance sketches till the modern comics, first history, then art, pop culture, and, today, design have always transferred human thoughts and planning skills into drawings. The hand expresses a thought with a stroke, which turns into an aesthetic view. The value of the trait has not been annulled by the digital age, which, to the contrary, has now amplified its potential. The digitization of the production processes is behind this new digital craftsmanship.”

Lorenzo Morganti

Fatto a mano: Lorenzo Morganti’s project for Create Your Tile competition.

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