Karim Rashid at Design On Stage

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Yesterday, Karim Rashid came to visit us on the Design On Stage set. There was a lot of anticipation surrounding his awaiting, as he is one of the most recognisable and influential designer of popular contemporary culture; and, judging from the public participation, the expectations were more than fulfilled.

The live unscripted appearance of Rashid was principally centred around his vision of design as an expression of values of the time in which we live, and as a fundamental part of bring life to the future. His was a very profound chat, more a philosophical-anthropological one, rather than one on style. But, beyond trends and fashion, Rashid believes that, planning industrial goods means changing the every-day behaviour of people, society and the world. And that today is marked by an excessive anchorage in the archetypes of the past, and by the need, for designers of material objects, to fill the deep void and cultural aesthetics that separates them from the digital universe, characterised by the design of much more innovative products in line with today’s time.

Rashid’s very presence and his charm was testament to the fact that, today, he can be considered as an authentic popular icon. The watching public was made up of many students from around the world, who took part in the debate, often with very direct and provocative questioning, such as whether it should really be considered that glamorous to be one of the best designers in the world (Karim’s answer is at the end of the video, so we do not want to spoil the surprise for you…).


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