Jitan V. Patel

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Jitan V. Patel (b.1976) is a British Creative with a multi-disciplinary background and a diverse work experience; from a stint within the music industry in New York to advertising in London writing adverts for clients as varied from Smart car to Pringles.

Now based in Finland, Jitan co-founded the design agency Dayground in 2006 along with Terhi Tuominen.

The company designs spaces and the things within, concentrating in the fields of furniture and product design, interiors and graphics.

Dayground clients and works have ranged from interiors for TBWA in Finland to consultation for house building in Japan. Jitan has been awarded in the fields of graphic, furniture and packaging design.

Jitan V. Patel’s project: Beats

Example of laying simulation.


“With every step we take, we make a beat. One tile is one beat and many beats, a rhythm. Every rhythm, in turn, has a colour, the colour of harmony and melody. Every colour is a layout. The layouts, composed of every colour and rhythm, are myriad. The concept was inspired by the retro-graphic equalisers on stereo players, particularly in the 1980’s; always mesmerizing, hypnotic. The different concept possibilities represent different beats. We impact low, mid to high, all the frequencies and rhythms of our daily lives, onto our tiles. The tiles are myriad songs of our waking lives, these are the shifting frequencies of lives that have become music to our ears.”

Jitan V. Patel

Beats: Jitan V. Patel’s project for Create Your Tile competition.

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