Francesca Buonincontri

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Architect Francesca Buonincontri, was born in Naples in 1982, where she graduated and received her PhD in “Architectural Design”.

Since 2006, she has collaborated on design projects for private homes and pharmacies. In 2012, with the Pica Ciamarra firm, she participated in the competition for the “Redevelopment of the Cave in San Pancrazio Salentino”, the “Redevelopment of two squares in Putignano” and the “Redevelopment of the Velodrome Maspes-Vigorelli” in Milan.

She participated in the “Hortocontest, Lanificio” in Rome and, with the Smith-Barracco firm and the Società di Ingegneria Progin, in the “Competition for the Design of a Bridge over the Serchio River” (2013). She took part in the design competitions “Corner zip Contest” (2011), the “Carbon Fiber Design Contest 2012”, and the “Summer Vibes” Mood Board Contest. She received Honorable Mention at the ideas’ contest “NapoliFud” (2013) and Honorable Mention at the “Carbon Fiber Design Contest 2014”.

She writes articles for the quarterly architecture magazine Bloom, of which she is an editorial staff member. She is currently attending the Advanced Training Course on “3D Modelling for Architecture and Industrial Product Design”.

Francesca Buonincontri’s project: Pytagoras

Example of laying simulation.


“The philosophy of the project refers to the history and culture of Italy: Pytagoras is inspired by the geometric designs of the traditional Neapolitan “riggiole”; however, with a leap in the scale, it produces many different textures. The drawing originates from a portion of a circle line and straight line. The minimalist design is complemented by a limited number of colours in order to highlight the essentiality of the tile in its multiple possible combinations. Randomly assembled and/or arranged in geometric, repetitive, diagonal, and rotated ways, the variations allow for countless different combinations of a dynamic and intentionally three-dimensional texture.”

Francesca Buonincontri

Pytagoras: Francesca Buonincontri’s project for Create Your Tile competition.

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