Fabio Turcheschi

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Fabio Turcheschi, Florentine, born in ‘73, is an architect with a PhD in “History of Architecture”.

For a long time now, he has combined a solid and rigorous professional practice with invigorating academic activities at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Florence where he teaches ex cathedra and supervises thesis. The passion for the history of architecture has often led him to work in the fields of restoration (the suspension bridge of Villa Paolina in Sesto Fiorentino), reuse (the mineral park in Gavorrano) and redevelopment (historic buildings of various size and order in the Tuscan area).

He also does not disdain forays into the field of design (furniture and custom designed systems for private customers) and large scale design projects (he was the winner of the international competition for the redevelopment of Via Colombo in Follonica; he participated in the winning project of the Urban Promo 2010 for the redevelopment of the Macrolotto Zero in Prato and various other urban projects).

Fabio Turcheschi’s project: Cosmographic

Example of laying simulation.


“The texture, complex and articulated, results from the re-elaboration of the famous Universalis Cosmographia map produced by Martin Waldseemüller in 1507 and representing the world map. In an overall view, the random arrangement of pieces that can be freely laid-out and adjusted independently of each other, is reminiscent of precious marble with veins and inlaid lapis lazuli. Up close, each pattern evokes a small story of discovery, travel and promises of another era.”

Fabio Turcheschi

Cosmographic: Fabio Turcheschi’s project for Create Your Tile competition.

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