Elio Fiorucci at Design On Stage

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Yesterday the day at Design On Stage was dedicated to Elio Fiorucci, the fashion and all-round communication guru, and collaborator from the very outset of DesignTaleStudio. The meeting with Elio centred around the launch of “The Mouth”, the porcelain stoneware slab he created for DesignTaleStudio, pure synthesis of a concept that, from time and memorial, is based on sensuality and young and free spirit.

Despite more than 400 visitors in less just over 2 hours, the atmosphere was relaxed and pleasant, in keeping with the spirit of Design On Stage. A big part of this was, as can be seen from the video, the contribution of Fiorucci himself, who was always courteous and fascinating in his “chats on microphone” that saw him as the protagonist when talking to the watching journalists and members of the public.

Fiorucci’s spoke on a wide range of subjects, but always preaching his passion and love of life and his work. From the spirituality of art to ceramics to fashion. One poignant moment was when he spoke of his latest project, Love Therapy, placing its roots in the characteristic mood of his famed store in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, “a place where one was always certain that no harm could came of you”.

For us, who worked so hard to plan the event, the meeting with Fiorucci was a veritable injection of enthusiasm. What about you? Leave your comments here, and if you took any photos, please send them to us, we will publish them on the blog.

This afternoon’s meeting at the Triennale is with Michele De Lucchi (we will post it on the blog tomorrow).

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