Ceramics by Michele De Lucchi for DesignTaleStudio get the official go-ahead

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In what is the culmination of an intense period of collaboration between Refin and Michele De Lucchi, the ceramics designed by the famous architect for DesignTaleStudio will finally be produced.

This large size ceramic slab, already used for some of DesignTaleStudio design sets (From earth to the Earth, 100% Design Rotterdam, Design On Stage), will be officially produced and destined to cover “ethno-minimal style” bathrooms, where the contrast between lines and glossy reflections creates an illusionary, dynamic surface. While we wait for the publication of this ceramic slab in our official catalogue, you can have a sneak preview in the section Prototipi d’Autore.

Ceramics by Michele De Lucchi… the first DTS autumn mystery!

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