53rd edition of the International Biennale exhibition in Venice.

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The 53rd edition Biennale Internazionale d’Arte exhibition, this year entitled Making Worlds (Fare Mondi), to be held at the Gardens, at the Arsenale as well as other sites in Venice, will open to the public from June 7 to November 22, 2009, and will bring together in one exhibition more than 90 artists from around the world to showcase new works of art expressing a myriad of varied and diverse creative languages.

Refin will loan some of their DesignTale Studio works to the Fondazione Teatro La Fenice for the opening events as well as throughout the duration of the exhibition, and create the Fenice Design On Stage event. The celebrated rooms of the Gran Teatro la Fenice in Venece will host the exhibition of Pareti d’Autore by DesignTaleStudio created for the Design On Stage events of last years.  The works and set-design created by Michele De Lucchi, Sandra Bermudez, Karim Rashid, Elio Fiorucci and Romina Power will be exhibited and the guests will be given informative literature on DesignTaleStudio creative laboratory.

The inauguration of the event will be on Saturday, June 6, and the work will be exhibited in the theatre until September. This event represents a unique opportunity to once again underline the creative drive guiding DesignTaleStudio, which will be present at the Temple of International Art, the Biennale in Venice, with a strong co-marketing event.

You can find other photos on DesignTaleStudio Flickr account.

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