First prize winner at the “Create your Tile” competition, promoted by DTS 2014, the Fossil tile collection revisits the prehistorical imprints left by plants and animals in the rock formations, designed as ornamental patterns destined for contemporary interiors. The collection is composed by 5 different patterns, randomly mixed.

“The Fossil porcelain tiles collection is a translation of the prehistoric imprints of plants and animals on rock formations, into to-day interior ornamental motives.
In the process of sketching especially inspiring were marks of the extinct ammonites fluted shells.”

Kasia Zareba, 2014



In the Frame collection, the graphic language exploits the most modern ceramics technologies, expressing itself through powerful decorative surfaces inspired by the matter, subjects and suggestions of tradition. Studio FM Milano interpreted decorated ceramics with a project that looks to the tradition without falling into the trap of historical falsity or banal citation. The Frame collection is marked by new keys of interpretation, including the fragmentation of the pattern and the change in scale of the decoration; it proposes textures that become creative instruments for the architect and designer and enhance and innovate both residential and commercial settings.

“Graphic decoration, once a central element of ceramic products, has in the past decades seen an unstoppable decline, leading to the almost total abandonment of the culture of flooring decoration. Frame reverses this model by breaking the consolidated taboo in which flooring is incapable of taking on graphic decoration. A reversal made even clearer by the industrial process it is based on, using mass production as a tool for product accessibility, in the true original spirit of industrial design. The application of two-dimensional design, the prerogative of graphics, to the threedimensional object, allowed the graphic designers to relate to design aspects and innovative technology, producing a visually dynamic result composed of variants of the same subject that can be matched in a unique, sophisticated patchwork effect. Frame does not represent a return to thepast, but a step towards the future that changes without forgetting its roots.”

Studio FM Milano, 2012

Frame Emilia Flower

Frame Majolica

Frame Geometric

Frame Carpet