Petra Börner

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Petra grew up in Sweden in the 70’s with a dream of becoming an artist, drawing inspiration from her great grandfather, a painter and photographer with entrepreneurial ideas. Growing up in a family of doctors, she got her first commission illustrating medical journals. The scalpel and needle feature in her processes.

She moved to Stockholm and gained skills assisting illustrators and an urge to engage with art in new mediums brought her to London where she was accepted at St Martin’s to study fashion.
Carrying on illustrating she started getting commissioned by design-led publications like Elle and Vogue.

Upon graduation she worked with Sherald Lamden (Seraph), an eye opening time bridging art, music and fashion.

She created her own woman’s wear label and as creative director realised her real passion was in art and started exhibiting, including exhibitions at The National Portrait Gallery and Claire de Rouen.

Her work has generated interest by its eccentric, artful, warm and bold character, inspired by a heritage of hands-on craftsmanship.

The award-winning illustrator has collaborated with fashion houses including Clements Ribeiro for Cacharel, Louis Vuitton and Aquascutum.

She’s created book jackets, including those of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy and her designs feature through collaborations with retailers like Crate & Barrel, Heals and The V&A.

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Petra Börner’s project: Magnetic Lady

Example of laying simulation.


“Magnetic Lady is a bold, clean and confident design in keeping with the Scandinavian feel of Petra Börner’s work. The design originates from an artwork cut in paper and has been adapted into a design which can easily be repeated yet remain dynamic as a single tile. When placed in sequence the design hide/ create an abstract figure midst an array of fluid curves, waves and fire-like strobes. The ‘Magnetic lady’ character is inspired by Egyptian drawings, depicting a silhouette of a woman and is thought of as a lucky charm. The comical feel or perhaps the slight coy shyness, would add a playful element within a residential environment or add charisma to a bar, lobby or office space mirroring people interacting and chatting within the space.”

Petra Börner

Magnetic Lady: Petra Börner’s project for Create Your Tile competition.

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