Michele Abirascid

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Michele Abirascid graduated in architecture in 2005 at the Politechnic University of Milan, the city where he started working for different firms: Metrogramma, Mutti & Associati, Cibic & Partners. He worked both on competitions and detailed architectural projects.

Since 2009, he is been collaborating with foreign firms; in Bandol, France, at the “Agence Rudy Ricciotti” he became involved in the final stage of the research for modelling the Musée Cocteau’s structure in Menton. In September of the same year, he moved to Stockholm, where he currently lives, and began making contact with different realities, working with young firms, and continuing to personally participate in various international competitions.

More info at www.buro.it

Michele Abirascid’s project: Duende

Example of laying simulation.

duende michele abirascid

“It was 1933 when García Lorca first developed the aesthetics of Duende, a term that, in his view, encompasses many creative disciplines, from art to music to writing, and leaves itself open to an infinite number of interpretations and the possibility of seeing and feeling beyond appearances. Similarly, my research cannot and does not want to be contained into a single inspiration; it wants to give everyone a chance to glimpse inside many possible imaginaries. The graphics are vague, random, non-geometric, with undefined edges; they refuse the rigor of the design vector generating a sinuous and elegant movement of colours, evoke in the observer multiple imaginaries without ever evolving into an accurate drawing, and hint at all the possible combinations.”

Michele Abirascid

Duende: Michele Abirascid’s project for Create Your Tile competition.

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