Martha Luise Gültlinger

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The newly formed collaboration between Martha Luise Gültlinger and Moritz Köhler is focusing on interdisciplinary works in interior and product design.

Martha Luise Gültlinger studied interdisciplinary design in Bremen Germany and Lahti Finland with a main focus on Product Design and Photography. Before working on her own projects and in the collaboration with Moritz Köhler, she has worked as a Product and Graphic Designer at a leading company for catering and food distribution supplies and in an advisory position as material expert in an interior architecture company .

Moritz Köhler studied interior design. During his work he is focusing on holistic interior planing including commercial as well as residential spaces. He develops interdisciplinary concepts which always try to point out the customer´s individual identity. Furthermore he consults companies on brand building and visual merchandising.

Martha Luise Gültlinger’s project: Papua

Example of laying simulation.

“The abstract pattern of the Tiles, inspired by a varanus salvadorii (a monitor lizard), consists of hexagons with a diameter of one centimeter. Because of its size the pattern only reveals itself from afar resulting in an almost ethnic or tribal pattern. Up close the hexagons seam to be randomly clustered, reminding of pixels or stars. Each of the three color variations give the pattern a different quality. The first with its distinctive contrast, the second with its gentile silence and the third with its playful colors. The tiles can be arranged into a pattern flow or each by itself or in any smaller combination.”

Martha Luise Gültlinger

Papua: Martha Luise Gültlinger’s project for Create Your Tile competition.

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