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Office 9 is a Brussels based practice for architecture and urbanism founded by Johan Cool, Kobe Stroobants and Lotte Mattelaer in 2012.

Their service involves a variety of tasks including architecture, urban planning, concept development and design work.

In their work they combine research with pragmatic and clear thinking to evolve to an interesting and spatial end result.

Within their tasks they approach each project as unique, allowing their to come up with new questions and answers. The joined experience within different disciplines (architecture, engineering, and fashion) and different cultures (Belgium, Morocco, Copenhagen) allows a different view and holistic approach on the objects of our work.

Theirs projects include a great range of scales; from furniture, scenography, installations, extensions and renovations, to public buildings and urban master plans.

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Lotte Mattelaer’s project: Tile It

Example of laying simulation.


“Everyone has a different taste, and every room needs a unique design. Therefore we have created a tile that has the flexibility of being arranged in endless possibilities, but still look very logical every time. Every tile will look like they are meant to be on the side of the next one, no matter how you connect the tiles. This approach allows you to create a very rigid, repetitive or totally random graphical patterns. The design of the tiles is inspired by research on tiles in Marrakech and based on a puzzle designed by newartifacts“.

Lotte Mattelaer

Tile It: Lotte Mattelaer’s project for Create Your Tile competition.

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