Kanlin Gu

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With a degree in Interior Design from the Parsons School of Design in New York City, Kanlin Gu’s professional career as an interior designer spans 16 years and across three cities; New York, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Most of what he do have been corporate interior design projects, where he provides design and coordination services to corporate businesses. Along with creating an environment where people can work effectively, the real success for these projects occur when people feel inspired by the corporate culture that is conveyed by the design.

In recent years, I have developed a workplace design prototype for an international bank in Hong Kong where the staff is given a brand new office environment that encourages shared workstations and collaboration. It’s a far departure from their previous workplace and provides more joy to their daily lives. Prior to that, I have designed the consulate of the United Arab Emirates in Shanghai. It was the UAE’s first in Shanghai and all of the interior spaces must strike a fine balance between modern aesthetics and cultural relevance.

Kanlin Gu’s project: Interwoven

Example of laying simulation.


“Interwoven was designed with the intention of employing one singular motif to create six different graphic patterns. This concept of flexibility in installation method stems from how carpet tiles are developed for the corporate interior design industry. Similar to a carpet tile, Interwoven may puzzle the mind as to what the “the big picture” may look like. It’s only when the tiles are laid down next to each other that the magic begins, as stripes and lines are interwoven to form intricate patterns. It was time to try something different and to break away from the boundary of a square tile. At that point I wanted to create a motif that would be strong enough on its own, while the shape and edges of the square tile would be obscured from attention.”

Kanlin Gu

Interwoven: Kanlin Gu’s project for Create Your Tile competition.

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