Joanne Boulatsakos

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Joanne Boulatsakos completed her architectural degree at The University of Sydney graduating on the Dean’s List of Academic Excellence.

Once completing her studies she gained a role at HBO+EMTB; a multi-disciplinary studio where she worked on projects including education, commercial and infrastructure. From here she gained her formal registration as an Architect.

It was her work on infrastructure projects including Concord West Railway Station and various projects for Qantas Airways that led her to a new role as an Airport Planner working on airports and their infrastructure around the world. As well as this, Joanne currently works as a sole practitioner Architect where she has been commissioned on the alterations and additions to Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church and Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church.

It is her work as a sole practitioner Architect that she hopes to grow in the future with the development of her own studio.

Joanne Boulatsakos’s project: Opera

Example of laying simulation.


“The geometric pattern on the tile takes the very simple “chevron” shape but manipulates it. This allows us to create modernity with a shape we are familiar with but presents it to us in a different way. By changing this arrangement it allows freedom in creating a wider range of patterns and styles when the tiles are laid together, and all from the single graphic design tile. The inspiration came from The Sydney Opera House, one of the most famous ceramic tiled buildings, to creating a tile based on a significant architectural masterpiece.”

Joanne Boulatsakos

Opera: Joanne Boulatsakos’s project for Create Your Tile competition.

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