“Create Your Tile” Competition

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DesignTaleStudio launched the international “Create your tile” contest open to professionals – architects and designers – from around the world.

Originality, sales potential, industrial reproducibility: these are key elements in the brief for the collection of porcelain stoneware tiles that should come complete with one or more versions (up to a maximum of 20), be square (60x60cm or 75x75cm) and be primarily intended for residential and/or commercial flooring.

The winning project will be the one judged to have made best use of the latest manufacturing technologies and expressing the latest trends in contemporary interiors, reflecting the values and research promoted by DesignTaleStudio.

A distinguished jury made up of acknowledged world leaders in design and chaired by architects Francesco and Alessandro Mendini, will decide who are the winners from a shortlist of 25 finalists. The winner will see their collection become prototypes and then go into production – receiving royalties on any sales – before being launched on the market with all the relevant sales support, including appropriate communications and the best strategies to display and advertise it.

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