Cherif Morsi

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Cherif Morsi was born in 1971 in Brussels (Belgium) but divides his time between the UK and Egypt.

He likes his work to fall under the banner “Creative Simplicity” which is clear in his approach and is the link between all of his projects to date.

Some of his clients include Sawaya & Moroni, Covo, Droog, Chi Ha Paura etc.

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Cherif Morsi’s project: Nara

Example of laying simulation.


“Nara tile design builds it’s concept on Japan’s old capital Nara’s emblem but inspired by underground Yakuza gangs’ world famous Japanese tattoo techniques and play of shades. This mix of inspiration led to the creation of three tiles each featuring differently shaded and scaled Nara emblems but in three different pattern densities enabling the user to have a unique floor overall pattern with every lay. An interesting play of heavy, medium and light pattern densities results in a unique group pattern that offers various perceptions. This concept would be very helpful for accommodating smaller varying from small to bigger floors. An important feature for a tile design.”

Cherif Morsi

Nara: Cherif Morsi’s project for Create Your Tile competition.

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