Arjan Moors

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Born in The Netherlands (Roermond 1960) Arjan Moors received his first education as a designer at The Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design, then followed up by an education at the Design Academy Eindhoven.

Working for 20 years as an in house Designer for Leolux and Pode (Dutch furniture brands) Arjan developed his skills as a Spatial and Furniture designer with a sense for commercial and feasible concepts.

His concepts are found in basic thinking and handling, avoiding complexity, shaping and reshaping iconic designs. After he founded his own Studio in 2009 he applied these skills on some award winning door handles.

At this moment he’s settled on this path and he’s expanding his interest again on furniture, lighting, doors, fences and architectural related objects to achieve a wide focus and interest for the professional en general public.

Arjan Moors’s project: 360 Camouflage

Example of laying simulation.


“I’ve set myself the goal to develop a concept that would not copy nature and not add another meaningless graphic to today’s palettes of designs. A concept that has controversial aspects , introvert and extravert capabilities, high and low visibility, trendy and long lasting, for interior and exterior. A camouflage derived pattern finds himself in the center of this tension, between copying nature and a graphic design, opening a discussion. A minimalist design for a concept with only two tiles, cost effective in production, stock, ordering and logistics. Restricting to 1 tile is possible, still being able to make different repetitive patterns or no pattern by putting them randomly. The inspiration for the colors is found in nature, today’s autumn trends 2014-2015 and Refin’s chromatic chart.”

Arjan Moors

360 Camouflage: Arjan Moors’s project for Create Your Tile competition.

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