Angel Martinez

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Angel Martinez graduated in 2009 from the faculty of architecture at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Coming out of college Angel joined the architectural firm at which Grupo Arquitech participates in various projects of residential type, commerce and offices, between which they emphasize Parque Delta, Gran patio Lomas verdes and Dakota.

In 2012 enter Esrawe Studio, architecture office, interior design and furnishings, building furniture and special projects among them Hilton Hotel Santa Fe, exhibition “Frida and Diego political passion and Paint” for the High Museum of Atlanta and Tori Tori Polanco. Angel has also collaborated in the development of projects cafes “Cielito querido café” and Tori Tori restaurant, leading construction management and leading the team.

In 2013 Angel started to work on Spiral architecture on par with Esrawe studio work.

Angel Martinez’s project: Diagonal

Example of laying simulation.


“The concept comes from the generation of a simple geometric pattern that could adapt and switch as its surface is increased. It was decided to draw a line diagonally on a grid that would act as a canvas on which the diagonal follow a continuous course, creating angles, edges and paths in all directions whose objective is distort the continuity of space. To help us give the feeling of standing on a canvas, it was decided to draw all giving them the appearance of diagonal lines freehand. Based on this concept the tile was developed, so that no matter which way these modules would achieve adapt and maintain continuity from its four sides snap.”

Angel Martinez

Diagonal: Angel Martinez’s project for Create Your Tile competition.

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