Alisa Bowen

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Alisa is originally from Belarus, born to Russian parents, but grew up in Cyprus.
Her family moved residence frequently, so she has lived in apartments, bungalows, houses – and even on a yacht.

Alisa Bowen saw every new home as a blank canvas for design. She enjoyed the experience of giving each place character, adding personality to it and bringing out the best in any space. This experience kindled Alisa’s passion for interior design.
To pursue her creative career, Alisa completed a foundation year in Art & Design where she submerged herself in fine art painting and understanding colour.

She went on to study Interior Design in Cyprus while she gained invaluable experience working in an Interior Design Company, designing villas, summer homes and offices. In 2010, Alisa moved to the UK, where she gained an Undergraduate Degree in Interior Design.

In 2013, Alisa, together with her husband formed their Interior Design Company: Inside Studio Ltd.

Alisa Bowen’s project: Lace Tile Design

Example of laying simulation.

“The project consists of four different tile designs and each design is a section of a lace pattern. The inspiration for lace times came from wanting to create a design that was trendy, contemporary and timeless. Lace is often associated as being vintage, it has been fashionable for years, and will continue to be so in the future. This concept breaks through the normal traditions of how lace is used, and places it on a hard material, on the floor. These lace tiles are delicate in detail, elegant and attractive, able to create different moods: romantic, beautiful, fun and intense.”

Alisa Bowen

Lace Tile Design: Alisa Bowen’s project for Create Your Tile competition.

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